We are curious thinkers and go-getters

We are curious thinkers and go-getters

Trusted guides for your innovation journey

We are a team of business designers and creative technologists who love shaping new business models and explore breakthrough technologies - but our real passion is leveraging technology to unleash your key strengths and solve your hardest problems.

We see innovation as your superpower to unlocking the trapped value living insight in your business.

We are curious 

Raccoons are famous for their instinctual curiosity. We are curious about how existing skills and technology can fulfill unmet needs.

Raqoon is curious

We are problem solvers

Give raccoons a puzzle and (as long as there’s food involved) they’ll find a way to solve it. No matter how many obstacles they have to navigate, in the end, the raccoon will crack it. And so will we!

Raqoon is a problem solver

We do things differently

Raccoons do things differently. Most animals use their sight, sound or smell to find food, but raccoons use their sense of touch. Using our ‘sense of touch’ - we do things differently by completely reframing the way problems are solved.

Raqoon is doing things differently

Our ecosystem, the heartbeat of our delivery

Raqoon has a global network of business experts, innovation leaders and technology providers that enables us to provide you with a comprehensive service.

Our hyper-connected ecosystem provides access to everything we can dream of. Our unique access means we know how to identify and bring together the right pieces to create your solution.

Meet the Raqoon partners

Raqoon Partner Valérie Can


Chief Innovation Strategist
Sport Enthusiast and Digital Artist

Raqoon Partner Bojan Laskovic


Chief Creative Technologist
Chef and Father

Raqoon Partner Ivo Ronner


Chief Venture Strategist
Foodie and Explorer

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